Piggy is a radically smart way to use Bitcoin.

We allow individuals and companies to make Bitcoin your default currency.

Bank account
Car loan

Smart Bank

We make your life simple, so you have the best financial health.

Bitcoin Checking account Bitcoin Mortgage Bitcoin Car loan Smart Apps(Coming Soon)

Open full service bitcoin bank account in under one hour

Receive checks from any employer & pay bills

Digital Mortgage Experience

The first bank account which gives you the option to make mortgage payments with Bitcoin

Today’s low mortgage rates

Purchase price


Down Payment


Mortgage amount


30-year fixed

Discover your dream home

We're building technology so Bitcoiners have a seamless process of finding a home, to living in one.

Auto loans made simple.

Lock in a fixed rate for auto loans
New Car
2.99% APR
Used Car
3.49% APR
2.99% APR

Our vision of the future- we believe that capital can work to benefit all of society.

Piggy's mission is to gather individuals, families, institutions, local governments, and non-profits around the world to make Bitcoin the reserve asset.

We are building reselient infrastructure to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth so people everywhere, including the poorest and most vulnerable, can enjoy a basic standard of living and have economic protection benefits.


Funds from Piggy have fraud protection and are insured up to $100 million. We use end-to-end encryption to keep your information private all the time. You own your private key.

No fees

When you use Piggy, you pay no monthly banking fees and zero to send money anywhere in North America.


Piggy was designed with you in mind, we’re online and available where ever you are.


When you send money, eTransfer or Bitcoin with Piggy, the recipient can quickly access their money with their bank account.

we put
at the center
of everything
we do.

Piggy is a registered money-services business
We go to infinity and beyond to make sure we're
compliant with financial regulations.